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Our love began in colors untold
Like a butterfly when the wings unfold
You gave to me this heart of gold
A token of your precious love

You promised Time would keep for me
Your loving heart's sincerity
Faith was my companion then
I spread my heart's wings once again

Heart on a chain that's what remains
Of the love we had, you've made it plain
Each link of gold a memory holds
Made bittersweet by your deceit

For Time could never give to me
Your wandering heart's sincerity
Faith now an elusive bird
Her song no more to be heard

I wonder if sometimes you'll think of me
But I must let go so to my own heart I know I'm true

For now I am a bird in hand
Yesterday's chains I understand
No more can hold me, I am free
And finally finding clarity

There's new love waiting in my wings
Faith's little bird is back to sing
For one whose golden heart is true
And leave behind the pain of loving you.

© Elisabeth Williamson 2007
Through-the-Mist Music, ASCAP