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Days hurry by and we all wonder why
There's not enough time in the world
We're looking for what's beyond the next door
But never the room that we're in

Take a moment my friend, to close your eyes and then
Listen to find part of what binds you and me
This is the sound Life makes
Like the first breath a baby takes when it's born

We never know how much time we've to go
This treasure beyond compare
For how we all choose to measure that time
Shapes the world, yours and mine

Live each day well with those that you love
That's the best time I know of
Look for the light that Love makes
In the eyes of someone who takes your breath away

I love that we are the dust from a star
That drifted to Earth from above
Too soon my dear, we all disappear
Returning to where we've come from

With the birth of the Spring
And all living things, the light of a star burns within
This is the promise Life makes
No matter the time that it takes, we'll live again.

© 2006 Elisabeth Williamson
Through-the-Mist Music, ASCAP