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Lover, little birdie told me there's another
Well, even if you put me, dear, above her
I don't want to share your love, I'm sure
Love her, leave me if you must, but just remember
Nobody could love you more than me sir
Someday you will miss the way we were

Someday, I always thought I'd throw your little bouquet
Take that vow of love, and maybe obey
Seal it with a kiss and knowing smile

Now dear, I can't see tomorrow through these blue tears
My dream's a little misty without you here
To hold me close and with your charms beguile

Sweetie, you have given me some lovely memories
I will cherish those and hope that you'll see
My heart's beyond compare and you've been blind
Lover, you'll be in my heart until another
Someday finds in me what you'll discover
My love was true and of the rarest kind.

Someday I'll be tying ribbons 'round my bouquet
Take that vow of love and maybe obey
Seal it with a kiss and knowing smile

Someday I will think of you when we are both gray
And wish for you the happiness of those days
When the world was ours alone for just awhile.

© 2006 Elisabeth Williamson
Through-the-Mist Music, ASCAP