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The cuckoo sings "Love's to blame"
For what was lost in fire and flame
Through the moonlit trees she cries
Her haunting love song as she flies

First they met by the river's crest
Where they'd laid down to rest
In each other's arms they pressed
Then a promise made

In Love's sweet fire
Was born desire
And midnight's dream
In sapphire stream

That night they met as rivers do
Melting into one from two
Through silver clouds the crescent moon
Listened to their loving tune

Flames sprang high from the spark
That glittered bright within their hearts
They could not safe keep in the dark
What Love's light had made

In Love's blue fire
The river's choir
Sang Love's name
In sapphire flame

Now their lovin's turned to lore
Riverbank and forest floor
Echo with the haunting tune
The cuckoo learned from the moon

© 2006 Elisabeth Williamson
Through-the-Mist Music, ASCAP