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Deep in the night when I dream
You cast a spell over me
With a wave of your hand, I'm in a land
Enchanted by Love's melody

Deep in your eyes I found Love
The kind that dreams are made of
Bewitched by your charms, I fall in your arms
But I'll only stay 'til called by the dove

Now dawn has come, my dream's disappeared
But in my heart I know you wait beneath the stars my dear

Now as the evening draws near
Night's velvet mantle appears
I close my eyes as stars fill the skies
The music your magical spell makes I hear

Deep in the well of my soul
Your name is written in gold
There no one will find my secret design
And the moon winks to say "I'll never tell"

Now you are near, I feel you here
Where our love wakes in the Deep.

© 2006 Elisabeth Williamson
Through-the-Mist Music, ASCAP