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If you took all the guitar strings Elisabeth Williamson has been through over the years, and set them end to end, they would reach from St. Augustine to San Francisco. She's thirty-five years "Deep" into a professional career. Over three thousand gigs. A repertoire the size of a small town phone book. Hundreds of music festivals. A player and lead singer in bluegrass bands, country bands, folk trios, madrigals and jazz ensembles. Plugging in at honkytonks, wine bars, churches and barns, gourmet restaurants and rodeos around the country. Singing at funerals and weddings and christenings, anniversaries, fund-raisers and hayrides.

coverBut never a record. Never a "Folks, here's one I wrote myself."

Until now. And she delivers "Deep"

Perhaps there has never been a debut record of originals by any artist who has wood-shedded so long, who has spent this much time honing their craft, selecting their thoughts and words, tuning and crafting and raising the bar.
~ Grant Peeples



"There's no doubt about it, Florida Americana music artist Elisabeth Williamson is enchanting.... lovely, earthy and flawless." ....Janet Goodman, Music News Nashville (Read full review)

"Elisabeth Williamson never loses sight of what matters most"... Darius Rips more
(Read full review).

"Williamson uses whatever melody breathes life into her insightful lyrics, sometimes classic, sometimes unabashedly folky, almost Appalachian, adding up to a style all her own." ... Donna Mavity, NoDepression.com (Read full review)

"Deep is simply a wonderful musical experience...an excellent first recording from one of Florida's premiere folk singers..." Ron Johnson, Fla-Times Union (Read full review)

"Songs from the deepest springs of the human heart. Beautifully sung, beautifully recorded and produced."...Bob Patterson, Artistic Director, Gamble Rogers Folk Festival  (Read full review)

"Deep" is a stellar recording"... Randy Judy, co-producer of Suwannee Springfest and MagnoliaFest (Read full review)

"Deep" is a lovely album of hand made music that comes from the heart"... Holly Tashian (Read full review)

If you put this CD in your player you might never take it out! "...James Hawkins, Friends of Florida Folk (Read full review)

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7. 7. 19 - A double header! The Driftwoods at Creekside Dinery with special guest, Tim Higgins! Sam Pacetti will be performing from 7:00 - 9:00 pm. Don’t miss this rare event!

7.11.19 - Lon will be joining The Obscure Brothers onstage at The Plaza Concert Series in beautiful downtown St. Augustine at the City Plaza. 7:00 - 9:00 pm.

7.18.19 - The Gatorbone Trio performs at The Dog Rose Brewing Company from 7:00 - 10:00. Hope you can join us for a brew and some tuneage. We’d love to see you.

7.21.19 - The Driftwoods return to Creekside Dinery to celebrate Eric Searcy’s 70th trip around the sun as well as his beautiful granddaughter’s first go round. Coco is turning 1! Hope to celebrate with you. Music starts at 5:00 pm.

8.4.19 - The Driftwoods return to Creekside Dinery! Music starts at 5:00 pm.

8.11.19 - The Driftwoods at Creekside.. yes! Always love our Creekside Sundays.

8.15.19 - Here’s a rare treat. Gabe Valla and Deron Baker will be teaming up for a memorable evening at The Dog Rose Brewing Company. Watch the alchemy unfold with these two musical geniuses! 7:00 - 10:00 pm.

8.16 - 18, 2019 - HICKORY FEST! Lon and I are thrilled to return to Hickory Fest with Tim Higgins! Wellsboro Pennsylvania is home to this magical musical gathering held every year in honor of the one, the only Sue Cunningham and the musical legacy she left for all of us to cherish. www.hickoryfest.com for more information.

8.31.19 - The Belle Oaks Festival!! Please join us for the debut of our new ensemble, Medicine Springs. Gabe Valla, Scott Anderson, Christian Ward, Lon and I are delighted to be performing together again for the very first time. SAVE THE DATE and more details will be forthcoming…….

9.1.19 - Creekside Dinery! Yep, The Driftwoods are back at “The Home of The Driftwoods”. Happy fall y’all. Music starts at 5:00 pm.

9.14.19 - The Starlight Trio makes their debut at The Sing Out Loud Festival! We’re thrilled. We’ll be appearing at The Aviles Street Stage at high noon. www.singoutloud.com for more information. Download their phone app to stay on top of all things Singy.

9.15.19 - The Driftwoods at Creekside Dinery once again. Make it a tradition of yours and join us if you can. We’d love it.

9.19.19 - The Gatorbone Trio returns for Third Thursday at The Dog Rose Brewing Company. Music starts at 7:00 pm.

9.22.19 - Jim Quine and Lis Williamson are back! Sing Out Loud! We’re on the Gamble Rogers Folk Festival stage at 3:00 pm. Please swing by!

October Highlights…

10.6.19 - Creekside Dinery, The Driftwoods 5:00 pm.

10.13.19 - The Creekside Festival, Princess Place, The Driftwoods perform in the afternoon.

10.20.19 - Creekside Dinery, The Driftwoods 5:00 pm.

10.26.19 - The Gatorbone Trio, House Concert, Dunnellon… Details forthcoming.



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